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ODVN’s comprehensive clearinghouse includes brochures, videos (VHS & DVD formats), books, articles, newsletters, training curricula, domestic violence protocols, informational packets and various other reference materials on topics such as:

  • Animal Abuse & DV
  • Batterer's Intervention
  • Children and Domestic Violence
  • Community Response
  • Court Response
  • General Domestic Violence
  • Healthcare Screening & Response
  • Law Enforcement Response
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Religious Communities & DV
  • Resources for Family & Friends
  • Survivor Self-Help & Healing
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Underserved Populations

Residents of Ohio or ODVN members may borrow videos and books at no cost from the ODVN library for up to two weeks.   Informational packets are compiled by ODVN staff using the more than 3,000 resources in our clearinghouse; requests can typically be filled within a week, depending on the amount of research involved.

We also offer many print materials, including awareness brochures that can be requested from our comprehensive clearinghouse.  For more information call 614-781-9651 during normal business hours.