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The Ohio Domestic Violence Network has launched it's Creating Safter Campuses initiative with the support of CDC DELTA FOCUS funding.  Please check this page periodically for updates and information about Title IX and Campus SaVE.  

Links and Resources for Campus Prevention:

A Safer Campus: A Guidebook on Prevention and Response to Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking for Ohio Campuses.  This guidebook, while published in the late '00's, is a repository of helpful information ranging from preparing your campus for prevention and intervention to recovering from incidents on campus.  Created in partnership with members of Ohio Campus Safety Task Force, members of the Task Force are currently looking at updating this document.  If you are intersted in participating in this effort, please contract Rebecca Cline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In response to the revisions to the Clery Act in VAWA 2013, Ohio's Campus Safety Task Force created a consensus document that describes learning objectives for training required in Campus SaVE.  Check out Ohio’s Learning Objectives for Training Requirements of the Campus SaVE Act for Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Stalking: A Consensus Document. 

 Need model policies? offers a wealth of information related to campus sexual assault.  Model policies and MOUs between Rape Crisis Centers and Universities are offered.  Currently, most of the work across the US has been related to sexual violence and these policies and mous can easily be modified to support your work related to intimate partner violence and sexual assault.  As you do this work, be sure to link in your local domestic violence program and/or rape crisis center as they are essential for best practice models.

Articles about perpetration of sexual assault by college men:

Denying Rape but Endorsing Forceful Intercourse: Exploring Differences Among Responders

A Qualitative Analysis of the Temptation to Use Force in Sexual Relationships

Are you interested in joining the Ohio Campus Safety Task Force?  Contact Rebecca Cline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Interested in what ODVN is offering a selected small group of Ohio Campuses?  Check it out by clicking here.




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