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Project Connect Aims and Objectives: 

ODVN’s vision for Project Connect is:  All persons presenting in family planning and adolescent health settings have access to a safe supportive environment, appropriate assessment, resources or intervention when indicated, and universal prevention education for reproductive coercion, sexual and dating/domestic violence

 Primary Objectives and targets are fourfold.  They include:

  1. All family planning and adolescent health pilot site clinic staff will be trained in the new protocol.
  2. Positive screening for IPV will increase over the project period from under 1 percent to at least 10 percent.
  3. Referrals for issues related to IPV will increase from under 1 percent to at least 10 percent.  
  4. SV and DV program executive directors and staff will report increased knowledge and skills related to STI and HIV/AIDS prevention education as well as other adverse health outcomes.

Project Connect Asset Maps and Game Plan:

ODVN created an asset map in April, 2010 that described the partnerships and collaborations involved in Project Connect.  In February, 2010 this asset map was updated to include pilot sites, new members of the Steering Committee, and other additions.  To take a look at the assets across Ohio that have been identified and contribute to Project Connect Click Here

See how this project has grown!   To take a look at the current Asset Map for Project Connect Click Here.

To review the Project Connect Game Plan that identifies action steps and objectives in a timeline, Click Here.

Project Connect Resources

Project Connect staff and Steering Committee members have created resources to support the work of family planning and adolescent health clinics.  Click on the links below to download the following resources:

Project Connect is Data Driven

In ODVN's application for funding, it was promised that Project Connect's work would be data driven.  To that end, in May 2010 focus group and key informant interviews were conducted with Ohio Department of Health Title X Family Planning Grantees selected as pilot sites.  As a result of the interviews, the Nursing Resource Guide and Resource Manual were created.

With the recent passing of HB 10 and 19 along with anticipated increases in disclosures of teen relationship violence due to Project Connect, ODVN staff sought to elicit feedback from teens who might be affected by relationship violence.  In July 2010 an on-line survey was conducted with teens to discern their help seeking behaviors.  In addition, several focus group interviews were conducted which helped inform the Teen Relationship Violence: A Resource Guide for Increasing Safety

In March 2011, focus group interviews were conducted with staff and clients of several local domestic violence programs in Ohio.  The purpose of this round of interviews was learn from staff their comfort level related to talking with clients about sexual health and sexual violence  as well as to learn from clients what their needs are related to sexual health and sexual violence.   The focus group interview report and focus group recommendations are now available thanks to Germayne Tizzano and Views From a Tree House

For more information about Project Connect Click Here. 


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