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25 Ways Men Can Help End Domestic Violence

Written by Amy Smith. Posted in About ODVN

  1. Accept and promote leadership from women
  2. Be mindful of messages you give your sons and daughters
  3. Challenge comments that tease or harass men for not being manly
  4. Challenge other men when they say or do disrespectful things
  5. Challenge yourself not to use language such as "throw like a girl" etc.
  6. Encourage other men to express their emotions
  7. Engage your community to talk about domestic violence
  8. Express your broad range of emotions in a healthy manner
  9. Give equal affection to your sons and daughters
  10. Insist on fair and safe relationships
  11. Interrupt disrespect respectfully
  12. Join the Ohio Men's Action Network at www.mensactionnetwork.com
  13. Know that much of your male privilege may not be visible to you
  14. Know that your voice against violence may be heard more because of your gender
  15. Learn about domestic violence by listening to survivors and advocates
  16. Learn about the "Man Box" and how sexism holds men and boys back, too
  17. Listen to the experience of women
  18. Organize a local men's affiliate of the Ohio Men's Action Network
  19. Promote practices in your organization that respect the worth and value of everyone
  20. Raise funds for your local domestic violence program
  21. Start a Mending Project in your local community
  22. Talk with the boys in your life about respecting women
  23. Teach yourself with resources at paulkivel.com and A Call to Men.org
  24. Understand that you may not be able to imagine what it means to be raised female
  25. Volunteer for your local domestic violence program

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25 Years

Written by Amy Smith. Posted in About ODVN

This is ODVN's 25th Anniversary! We are publishing 25 lists during the next 25 weekdays! Be sure to check back daily for the new list.




Yummy News!

Written by Tana Carpenter. Posted in Info For Survivors

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) is thrilled to
be selected by the Columbus Food League as their
Community Partner on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, at the
Surly Girl Saloon in Columbus.

On this day, the Surly Girl Saloon will donate 10% of their
food sales and $1 from every drink special sold from 11
a.m. to 2 a.m. to ODVN.

Click the picture for a flyer containing more information

Surly Girl Flyer