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25 Years

Written by Amy Smith. Posted in About ODVN

This is ODVN's 25th Anniversary! We are publishing 25 lists during the next 25 weekdays! Be sure to check back daily for the new list.


25 Ways to Prevent Domestic Violence

Written by Amy Smith. Posted in About ODVN

1. Work for full equity between men and women in society and in personal relationships

2. Examine the ways we legitimize male violence

3. Be a role model for healthy relationships

4. Unplug yourself and your children from violent media

5. Promote positive sports etiquette, hire coaches committed to non-violence

6. Teach children how to settle conflicts and differences peacefully

7. Recognize that verbal an emotional cruelty is also violence

8. Understand that love does not involve control or ownership

9. Teach boys and girls effective, respectful ways to express frustration, sadness and anger

10. Be a nurturing, loving, caring role model

11. Do not belittle, humiliate, hit, or otherwise hurt children

12. Ask local and elected officials to take a stand for healthy relationships and peaceful families

13. Teach your sons and daughters that respect is just a minimum

14. Respect "no" when a child says it to you

15. Never excuse behavior by saying, "boys will be boys"

16. Confront homophobia

17. Confront sexism

18. Do not belittle, humiliate, hit, or otherwise hurt adults

19. Teach boys and girls to communicate clearly in relationships and that "no" means "no"

20. Understand that what it means "to be a man" is defined by society

21. Recognize the availability of guns increases lethal violence

22. Support the work of your local domestic violence program

23. Praise gentle boys and strong girls

24. Appreciate gentle men as the strong men they are

25. Live by the principle that love is respect


Printable List: 25 Ways to Prevent Domestic Violence